Renovating A Craftsman Home? These Are The Features You Don’t Want To Change

1 February 2017
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There comes a time when every house needs a bit of updating and home remodeling. In a home that's only a few decades old, you don't have to worry too much about destroying valuable antique features or making changes that undermine the architectural style. But if you live in an authentic Craftsman home, you need to be a bit more careful in your renovation efforts. You don't want to accidentally ruin an element that's a quintessential part of Craftsman architecture. Read More 

5 Fabulous Themes for Your New Sunroom

25 January 2017
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Are you considering adding a sunroom to your home? These bright spaces bring the outdoors inside and provide a great space to hang out with your family and friends. HGTV lists building a sunroom as one way to add resell value to your home. Sunrooms are not only useful, but they also offer an opportunity for some fabulous decorating. Here 5 themes you'll love for your sunroom.  Beach House Take advantage of your sunny space by bringing some beach living to your home even if the nearest beach is hundreds of miles away. Read More 

Horrors Of Winter Time Ice Dam Damage And What You Can Do About It

12 November 2014
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If you live in a climate that gets snow and freezing temperatures, you might already know about the damage that ice can do to your roof. It is a good idea to know how ice dams are formed, the damage they cause, and how to deal with them. How Ice Dams Form When snow collects on your roof, escaped heat from inside your home gets into your attic and melts the snow. Read More 

3 Tips For Renovating Your Kitchen Successfully

7 November 2014
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Did you know that a major kitchen remodel could return as much as 80.4% of your original investment? Because houses with great-looking custom kitchens tend to sell for more than their stock-cabinet counterparts, upgrading your kitchen is a great move. However, to make the most of your cash, it is important to make the right decisions along the way. Here are three tips that might help you to renovate your kitchen successfully. Read More 

Hush! Reducing Office Distractions With New Carpeting

4 November 2014
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In an open office plan, small sounds build up into a constant cacophony that can slowly aggravate your employees, reducing both their output and job satisfaction. However, there are ways to keep the benefits of an open office design while reducing the stress of background noise. By installing noise absorbing carpet in your office space you can reduce the amount of daily noise your employees are exposed to and increase the comfort and efficiency of your office. Read More