Planning A Kitchen Remodel? Invest In Cabinetry First

30 March 2019
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An outdated kitchen can detract from the function and aesthetic of your home. Remodeling your kitchen can increase your property value and ensure that you have a space that meets the needs of a modern family.

Homeowners can get excited about the latest and greatest in kitchen appliances and invest in these items before the remodel starts. It's important to resist the urge to buy appliances before you purchase new cabinetry.

Cabinetry Defines the Room

Custom kitchen cabinets should always be the first thing you purchase when remodeling your kitchen. The cabinets serve as the foundation of the room. Many homeowners alter the number of cabinets and the layout of the cabinetry in their kitchen during the remodeling process.

Any changes that you make to your cabinets could affect the placement and size of the appliances you are able to incorporate into your new kitchen. Purchasing and installing cabinets first will save you the time and effort required to exchange appliances that won't fit into the new design of your kitchen.

Cabinets are Harder to Install

Putting a new refrigerator or stove in your kitchen is a fairly simple process; you just have to take the appliances out of their box, connect them to power and plumbing, and slide them into place.

Installing cabinets is a more challenging task. Custom cabinet installers will need a lot of room in which to maneuver when they are hanging your new cabinet boxes in your kitchen. Any appliances that you have in the kitchen could get in the way.

By purchasing and installing your cabinets first, you can streamline the remodel process and reduce the amount of time required to achieve the kitchen design of your dreams.

Cabinets are Critical to Longevity

Many homeowners succumb to the allure of fancy kitchen appliances. While having a refrigerator that can communicate with your cell phone or an oven that will preheat with voice commands is cool, these features are not critical to the function of your kitchen. Solid cabinets with quality construction are critical to the longevity of your remodel.

When you purchase your cabinets first, you ensure that you have enough money to invest in quality cabinets. If you spend all your money on new appliances first, you may have to skimp when it comes to cabinets. Custom cabinetry will usually last the life of your home, making cabinets a better investment in the long run.