Why Stainless Steel Is The Perfect Material For Outdoor Cabinets

2 November 2018
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If you're designing an outdoor kitchen that will be situated on your patio and house a grill, a small refrigerator, a sink, and ample counter space, you'll want custom cabinets below the counter. For those who enjoy outdoor entertaining, having cabinets to hold cooking supplies and even some non-perishable food items will be integral. Your custom cabinet contractor can talk to you about some different choices for cabinet doors, but in this application, you may want to think seriously about stainless steel. Here are some reasons that this material is ideal for the cabinets for your outdoor kitchen.

It Resists The Weather

Stainless steel is ideal indoors, but it works especially well outdoors because it resists the weather. Even if your outdoor kitchen is partially covered, the cabinets may still get exposure to the elements. Many other cabinet materials won't stand up to the rain. For example, medium-density fiberboard, or MDF, will come apart if it gets wet. Even solid wood cabinet doors will require frequent refinishing, and may warm as a result of prolonged exposure to rain. You won't have such issues with stainless steel.

It Matches Other Elements

There are often several stainless steel elements in an outdoor kitchen, which can make stainless steel cabinets an appropriate visual fit. For example, it's common for sinks to be made of stainless steel, your barbecue may also be made of this material, and you may also have a wine cooler with stainless steel accents that will be installed below the counter. Matching your cabinets to these other elements can make everything appear properly planned out, rather than haphazard.

It's Quick And Easy To Clean

You may not need to clean your cabinet doors inside your home very often, but this isn't necessarily the case when you're cooking outdoors. If you're barbecuing or using a deep fryer, for example, food particles will frequently get airborne and may coat the fronts of the cabinets. With wood, MDF, or other cabinet materials, you could be looking at difficult stains — especially when you're working with grease, which is often the case for cooking outdoors. Stainless steel cabinets are highly resistant to staining, and a quick wipe with a wet, soapy cloth can be all that is needed to restore your cabinets to their original shine. Stainless steel isn't the cheapest material for custom cabinets, but it will be a choice that you don't regret making.

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