Hire A Remodeling Contractor To Build An Enclosed Minibar

10 April 2018
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If you enjoy entertaining guests in your home, hiring a remodeling contractor to build a bar in the basement can be a project that you consider. However, if your home is a little tight on space, you don't necessarily need to give up on this dream. A minibar is a viable alternative to a full-sized bar and offers more of a permanent feel than a mini bar cart that you might keep in your living room. A remodeling contractor can build you an enclosed minibar in any room in which you frequently entertain guests. Here are some considerations for this remodeling project. 

Built Into The Wall

Building the minibar into one of your walls, much in the same manner as a closet might appear, offers a lot of benefits. For starters, the addition of the minibar won't cut down on floor space, which can be valuable in smaller homes. Additionally, unlike using a bar cart or some type of shelving mounted to one of your walls, the enclosed nature of your minibar won't add clutter. The remodeling contractor can install whatever type of door panels you want, which will keep the minibar out of sight when you're not using it. 

Door Options

There are many different types of doors to consider for your minibar. Although traditional swing-out doors might be the simplest, keep in mind that they can interfere with the space in the room. If you'll be mixing up drinks for your guests around the minibar, the last thing you might wish to contend with is a pair of doors that are in the way. Custom doors that fold and slide back into the wall for storage are ideal, as is a pocket door that slides left to right and won't get in your way. 

Useful Features

One of the fun things about sitting down with a remodeling contractor to discuss your built-in minibar project is the ability to include any number of custom features that you like. You'll get to decide not only the size of the enclosure but also the height between each shelf and even what the shelves are made from. For a sleek design, you might wish to consider glass shelves and a mirrored back to the minibar. Think about your specific needs. For example, if you entertain large groups, it can be handy to keep not only your bottles of alcohol and service accessories in the minibar but also a number of glasses.

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