Add A Large Corner Cabinet To Your Bathroom To Hold These Things

28 June 2017
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For many homeowners, storage space in the bathroom can be lacking. You can only fit so many items in your medicine cabinet and under your bathroom vanity, which may leave you storing bathroom-related items in a linen cupboard down the hall. Take a look at your bathroom to determine if you're able to fit an extra cabinet unit. In many cases, it will be possible to add such an item into the corner of the room; in many peoples' bathrooms, there is space wasted in the corner. You can then find the right size and style of cabinet and have a contractor such as Cabinet Cottage LLC install it for you. With this storage space in place, you'll now have a proper home for the following items.

Cleaning Supplies

Thoroughly cleaning the bathroom requires the use of several cleaning products that you may struggle to fit under your bathroom sink. Instead, give these products their own shelf in your corner cabinet. Toilet cleaner, rags, glass cleaner, brushes, and other cleaning essentials can all fit with ease in your new cabinet. You may even wish to keep them contained in a basket so that you can retrieve them all with ease on cleaning day. Depending on the size and shape of the shelves, it may even be possible to fit the toilet brush inside the cabinet instead of leave it on the floor where it can be an eyesore.

Extra Toiletries

If you're a frugal shopper, you may load up on toiletries when they go on sale. Doing so will save you money, but can leave you with short-term storage issues. For example, if you have half a dozen bottles of shampoo, you may struggle to find a place to store them in the bathroom. It's handy to keep them nearby, however, so that they're easy to retrieve when you need them. The additional storage space that you gain through the installation of a corner cabinet will provide room for such items.

Seldom-Used Beauty Supplies

You might have a selection of beauty supplies that you don't use with great frequency. It can be a hassle to store such items in a common area such as under the bathroom sink, as they'll always be in the way. With a corner cabinet, you can keep these items nearby but not in the way. For example, if you have a large bag of hair curlers and a straightening iron, but seldom use these items, the corner cabinet is a perfect home for them.