Contemporary Siding Ideas To Give Your Home A Unique Modern Makeover

26 April 2017
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If your home is in need of renovations, some of the improvements you are consider will have to do with exterior materials like siding. Conventional siding materials will give your home more of a traditional look, but today, there are also choices for modern contemporary designs. Siding materials like composite lumber, fiber cement panels or metal will give your home a more modern makeover. Here are some of the contemporary siding ideas that will give your home the modern look you want:

1. Composite Lumber and Synthetic Materials for Modern Siding

Composite lumber is used for many different construction and home improvement projects. The most common example that you have probably heard of is composite decking. These materials are also available to use for a unique siding solution for your home. Composite lumber can be used to give your home a traditional lap-siding look, or you may want to consider some of the contemporary options to give your home a modern makeover when you have new siding installed.

2. Using Tropical Hardwood for A Natural Finish with Modern Style

Tropical hardwoods are another popular decking material that can also be used for the siding on your home. The good thing about hardwoods is that they are a great material to give your home a natural finish with modern style. The tropical hardwoods also have the benefit of being materials that are naturally resistant to weathering and decay. With tropical lumber for your siding, you will only need a minimal amount of care and maintenance. As an alternative to the costly tropical lumber materials, you may want to consider domestic hardwoods like white oak, which are durable and cost less than the tropical materials.

3. Metal and Fiber Cement Panels That Give Exteriors a Contemporary Look

Metal and fiber cement materials are another option that you may want to consider for a contemporary finish to the exterior of your home. These materials come in conventional siding and panels. If you want to have a modern look for the exterior of your home, you may want to consider using the panels to give the exterior a clean surface with few lines. These materials are also a good choice to combine with the other materials, such as composite lumber and hardwoods.

These are some of the contemporary siding ideas that work well for home renovations. Contact a home builder and talk with them about doing some of these siding installations for your exterior renovations.