Tips For Doing A Trendy Bathroom Remodel With Limited Space

28 March 2017
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One of the main reasons why many homeowners want to renovate a bathroom is because it is too small. There may be a problem if you do not have available space to add to your home, but there are still some things that can be done to give your home a trendy bathroom remodel and use the space you have available. Here are some tips to give your home a trendy bathroom when you only have a limited amount of space to work with:

1. Use Modern Cabinet Design with Minimal Features

Cabinetry in your bathroom will include things like the vanity and maybe even some shelving or towel racks. Removal all the large, bulky vanities and cabinets. Instead of conventional cabinetry, talk with your remodeling contractor about modern vanities. Use a minimalist design, which can be a wall mounted vanity that leaves the floorspace open beneath the sink. There are also narrower cabinet designs for bathroom vanities, which help to reduce the amount of floor area these features occupy.

2. Cut Out Curtains and Walls with Bathroom Shower Glass

Another area where you will want to cut out the extra bulk is with curtains in a bathroom. The curtains can be replaced with shower glass installations, which will give your remodeling project more of an open feel. In addition, there are other features like partition walls, which glass can be used to replace and make your bathroom more open. You may also want to consider using glass for things like shelving that is sleek and modern. To reduce the space shelves use in the bathroom, have them recessed into niches in walls to give your bathroom more open area.

3. Custom Ceilings That Make Your Bathroom Feel More Open and Spacious

Custom ceilings are another way to add space to your bathroom. If the current ceilings are flat, the drywall can be removed and vaulted or tray ceilings can be added. Talk with your remodeling contractor about adding features like lighting or high shelves for storage in these areas of your bathroom. For a more trendy look, the high shelves in custom ceilings are a great place to add features like planters that blend your bathroom design with nature.

These are some tips to give your home a trendy bathroom remodel when you only have a limited amount of space to work with. Contact a bathroom remodeling contractor to help with some of these ideas and give your remodeling project trendy style with a limited amount of space.