Advantages To Having A Home Built Without A Basement

14 March 2017
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When you're planning to have a house built, you might instinctively plan to include a basement. However, it can be worthwhile to consider your design without the inclusion of a basement. While many homes have basements, others are simply built onto a concrete slab — and there are many advantages to this approach. It might take a bit of adjustment to wrap your head around the idea of a home without a basement — especially if you rely on this space for storage or you plan to build a home theater or "man cave" on this level, but you may find that a home without a basement suits you just fine. Here are some advantages to this type of build.

It Won't Be As Expensive

One of the major costs of new home construction is the excavation of a basement. This can especially be pricey if you're building in an area with plenty of rock, as the building crew will need to clear the rock away before your foundation can be built. While a slab-style foundation is still set in the ground slightly, it's not placed nearly as deep as a traditional foundation for a basement. This means that your excavation bill won't be nearly as much.

You Won't Have To Worry About Flooding

One of the big concerns about having a basement is dealing with flooding. This is especially true if your home is close to a river with a level that rises in the spring, or if your state is commonly hit by major rain storms. A home built on a slab is much more resistant to flooding — after all, there's nowhere for the water to flow down into. This attribute can save you the time, cost, and headaches associated with flood damage and restoration in the future.

Less Risk Of Foundation Issues

A home with a basement and a traditional foundation is susceptible to cracks in the future. Cracks can occur over time as the home shifts and settles, as well as when standing water is allowed along the outer perimeter of the home. A cracked foundation is a costly expense, as well as a considerable hassle — you'll need to have the foundation repaired by a contractor who will need to tear up much of your yard. With a slab instead of a traditional foundation, these risks are much less, which can give you peace of mind and make you more confident during a home inspection when you're trying to sell your home in the future.

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