5 Fabulous Themes for Your New Sunroom

25 January 2017
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Are you considering adding a sunroom to your home? These bright spaces bring the outdoors inside and provide a great space to hang out with your family and friends. HGTV lists building a sunroom as one way to add resell value to your home. Sunrooms are not only useful, but they also offer an opportunity for some fabulous decorating. Here 5 themes you'll love for your sunroom. 

Beach House

Take advantage of your sunny space by bringing some beach living to your home even if the nearest beach is hundreds of miles away. 

Colors: Choose breezy pastels like aqua, pink, and yellow.

Furniture: Beach house furniture should be light and have an indoor to outdoor feeling. White wicker is perfect. Fill a larger space with a sofa and loveseat or a smaller sunroom with a few chairs around a clear glass table. 

Details: Decorate your sunroom with items like driftwood and seashells. Choose paintings, throw pillows and printed fabrics with lighthouses, seagulls and sailboats. 

Sleek and Modern

When outfitting your modern sunroom, remember that less is more. You can have a comfortable space without the clutter, and a minimalist look brings clarity. 

Colors: Black and gray are good basic options. Accent with white, silver or even a muted green. 

Furniture: Choose simple furniture with straight lines. A boxed shaped sofa and chairs go well with a simple glass coffee table. 

Details: Use simple, straight lamps for lighting at night, and make window dressings uncomplicated and understated. Bring in some color with a modern painting. 

Mountain Home

Create a comfortable space with a mountain home theme in your sunroom. 

Colors: Natural wood should be the primary focus of this room. Paint walls a warm ivory and accent with red. 

Furniture: Decorate with seating and tables that look like they were crafted from logs. Rocking chairs are a great choice. Opt for dark colored cushions, and keep blankets in a beautiful, wooden chest. 

Details: Toss a red throw blanket on the back of the sofa, and add some whimsical items with pictures of moose or bears. A fireplace is a wonderful addition if you have space. 

Cozy Bar

Make a space for entertaining by turning your sunroom into a place where friends can enjoy a drink and great conversation. 

Colors: Use cool, relaxing colors like blues and greens or go dark for a more sophisticated vibe. 

Furniture: Make one side or corner of the room into a bar. Include a refrigerator for keeping beer chilled. Add bar stools so friends can talk while they make themselves a drink. Add comfortable seating that people can sink into, and don't forget a television for watching the game. 

Details: Line up interesting looking glassware along the back of your bar, and hang a mirror to make the space more fun. Antique looking advertisements and bar signs are great details that add interest. 

Kid Station

Do your kids need a place where they can go to play, do homework and spend time goofing around? A sunroom is the perfect place for kids. 

Colors: Ask your child to choose some favorite colors for the room. Choose bright, happy shades. 

Furniture: Designate one corner of the room as a creative space. Set up an art easel, and have shelves for keeping supplies like paints and crayons. Put a cozy chair with a bookshelf in another part of the room, and set up a desk where older kids can work. 

Details: Look for fun items that feature something your child loves. You might find a ballerina lamp or a baseball glove chair. Hang pictures of your child's artwork. 

Use any of these themes to make your sunroom a truly special part of your home, and you will enjoy spending time in your new space for many years to come. For more ideas, contact sunroom installation services.